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"What really interested me was the ability to understand how digital AI tools can help me grow in my career."
Bhrigu Sahni
Musician, Producer

Online/offline gig bookings

Our Artists get complete access to our partner venue tie-ups across cities to scout for gigs without the inherent hassles of frequent follow ups. Couple that with our Virtual gigs management, we make sure that the pandemic doesn’t hamper your journey ahead.

Blanket Content Delivery

With our exclusive channel partner tie-ups we make sure that our Artists and their content get the eyeballs they deserve. With the advent of multiple Audio and Video platforms, we use a multi-pronged approach to distribute your content and ultimately get the mileage your content deserves.


Make your followers count. With Superfans we guarantee you a loyal audience that pays for exclusive access to your content and merchandise. Our carefully designed outreach programs make sure you get the right exposure increasing your chances of getting highly engaged fans.


With our carefully crafted web portfolios, our Artists can boast of a dynamic micro website with all that is needed for a Robust Digital Presence. Designed with the sole intent of creating the perfect online portfolio along with dynamic booking features integrated with payment gateways.

Robust Social Media Support

We love working with Content Creators. Our inhouse Social Media Ninjas know who to craft you the perfect narrative. We have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to creating a steady conversation online. It’s more about the quality of conversations rather than quantity.


The digital multiverse should be considered as an ally rather than a threat for the Artist of the 21st Century. Once we get your face out there for the world to see, the Digital Platforms Revenue coupled with your holistic booking revenue, we bolster a steady revenue stream for our partnered artists.

Our Tech


We are not re-inventing the wheel. We use industry leading tech and tools that offer seamless integration to existing systems.

Revenue Centric

All our efforts funnel towards generating revenue for Artists. We help create a strong and stringent digital roadmap.


Our solutions offer excellent and proven performance when it comes to offering career growth and sustenance to artists for a streamlined effort.


All our solutions and tech is scalable and offer excellent results at every step of an artists growth cycle.